LeMans Family Seal

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Modifies AC by -10 continuous

Bases: 10-12
Levels: 50-52
Weight: 1
Area: House of Beasts (Map)
Mob: Beast LeMans

To obtain the lemans family seal, portal to a Cancetaur or Ursataur (aggie but don't detect hidden). This will take you to the House Of Beasts. Once there, you may track Lemans to search him out. He will be upstairs in an alcove that opens to the south. His private chamber is behind a closed door to the east, which you have to "pull candelabra" to open.

The cancetaur and ursataur respawn in the two rooms between the two doors (the visible door and the one with the candelabra) and if you keep the doors closed, they will stay there. If you open the doors it is possible that they either walk into the room with LeMans in it and assist, or walk out into the larger parts of the area. Either way makes it more difficult to get to the seal so try to keep the doors closed as much as possible.