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Implemented in late 2005, as of October 2006, the majority of the play at Legend is PVP oriented.

As of October 3, 2009, the Legend tier has undergone a major overhaul.

  • Gameplay
    • Each legend receives lore points. These replace the traditional practice sessions of lower tiers.
    • Legends are not tied to their original class; i.e., one can gain lores from another class at a slightly higher lore point cost.
    • Legend genesis rerolls a person's hp/mana/mv based on the lores they have utilized, further freeing them from their original class.
    • Teams conquer and defend powerpoints (traditional mob killing and PK)
    • Teams can attack other teams or other teams' mobs
  • Epochs
    • When one team captures all powerpoints, a new epoch begins.
    • At each new epoch, the entire MUD is restored.
    • At each new epoch, all players have their stats and lores reset and are free to rebuild their character again in a completely new way. The winning team of the previous epoch gains bonus lore points (currently 35 lore points).
    • At each new epoch, teams are reshuffled once more.
    • Online players from the winning team receive an insignia bonus that decays over time.
    • Online players from the winning team also receive an exp gain (currently 150).
  • Administrative Tidbits
    • Each player can have only 1 active Legend at any given time
    • Troika, how Legends are born, has been lowered to Lord 100 from 501. This change is permanent.
    • Legends have a split pfile; they are both Lords and Legends, depending what plane they occupy. Gear, gold, levels, etc, are completely separate. Legends use the actualize command from Thorngate to return to their Legend form.
    • Legends can descend without penalty to their Lord pfile, but cannot troika again for 100 days. That is, only the Legend pfile will be deleted.
  • Current and New Legends
    • Please read HELP NEWLEGEND and HELP LORE COMMAND in game.