Lhadvar Shaman

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Tall, middle aged, strong, the Shaman of the Lhadvar stands amidst the standing stones. He is watching everything that happens around him. He looks like he is waiting for someone or something with worry in his eyes as he scans his surroundings. "Oh, wonderful, strangers be welcome... Maybe you can help me. My people need more fish and I came here to make powerful magic to increase the fish population. I worked for days to find the perfect talisman for my magic. You see, the god of the river has a liking for gold and since I am calling the fish here... But wait, you do not need to hear my sad story. "What brings you here to his isolated location?" He looks at everything with concern in his eyes... and waits.

Keywords: Lhadvar, Shaman.
Level: 23.
Alignment: heroic.
Flags: steadfast.
Affects: infravision, sanctuary.


A Lhadvar Shaman is using:
<worn about body>   (Glowing) (Humming) a sea blue cloak
<wielded>           (Glowing) (Humming) a shaman's staff
A Lhadvar Shaman is carrying:


A Lhadvar Shaman is involved in The River Folk's River Folk Treasure Quest.


Area: The River Folk (Map).
Room: A Circle of Standing Stones (portable).

Walking route from Sol: 3e, 2n, 3e, 5n, 2w, 3s, 2w, 7s, w, 2s, 2d, 7w, 3s.
Walking route from Aelmon: 14n, 8w, 3n, 8w, 3s, 2w, 7s, w, 2s, 2d, 7w, 3s.

A Lhadvar Shaman is portable.