Long Tapeworm

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The Tapeworm swerves its head toward you and looks you directly in the face with its small beady eyes. It has a several nested sets of jagged teeth dripping with slime, blood and gore. It has an alien look. You wonder if the worm will let you live... I wouldn't count on it. It looks like it might be vulnerable in certain links along its neck. You better draw your sword if you want to live to see tomorrow. The tapeworm cackles at you with evilness emanating and echoing through out the whole tunnel pit.

Keywords: tapeworm.
Level: 54.
Alignment: demonic.
Flags: multi-breather, kleptomaniac.
Affects: hide, infravision, sanctuary.


A Long Tapeworm is using:
A Long Tapeworm is carrying:
     (Invis) (Glowing) a book whispers, 'drop me'
     (Humming) a bloody key



Area: The Abyss (Map).
Room: Along a large and gruesome slime pit covered with little spikes and villi (portable).

Walking route from Aelmon: 16e, [e], 2e, n, e, 2n, 2w, 2n, 2w, 5n, 3d, 2w, 11d.

A Long Tapeworm is portable.