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A loophole is a design- or code-level defect that allows unintended behavior. An example of this could be the old equipment duplication bug that existed in original Merc. Avatar does NOT permit the use of loopholes, and considers this to be cheating. A list of known loopholes appears below. This is the list of loopholes we know about and intend to fix, and which are "illegal" to use. Also, if you happen to know of a loophole that isn't on this list, we'd appreciate hearing about it.. this makes the gods happy!

Known loopholes (illegal)

  • Using a failed bash to do out-of-combat activities, such as casting spells that require non-combat position (i.e. sanctuary) or gaining extra attacks by murder.
  • Abusing shadowform to pump stats. Doing this will result in very upset Immortals who will wish to eat you for breakfast.
  • Abusing the dark forge loophole between Legends and Lords.
  • Abusing the Diplomatic Corps quest by getting the same insignia for a particular level more then once on the same alt, you should only have a max of 5 insignias from the DC quests.
  • Removing ammo from your archer or druid so you are not fighting to do out-of-combat activities, such as casting spells or catching tics.
  • Using a higher tier character to collect corpses (as in: kill the mobs) ready for stacked re-animation killing by a lower tier character.