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Welcome to Lord

A quick glance around the room reveals a door to the south with a sign above it, a glowing miniature model of Thorngate in the center and a banner in the western corner with words you can not make out. As you are drawn closer to the light, you notice a plaque titled "Thorngate" with more words underneath it.


A closer look at the model reveals that most lords and ladies gather at the center of Thorngate. To the south west of the center, you see a small smithy while a Temple of some kind is located northwest of center. South of the Temple is a furnished house whose entrance is labeled "the House of Bandu". As you gaze in the opposite direction, you notice a small gathering of lords a few rooms east of center. East of that, a few shopkeepers wander Rietta's Wonders. South of Rietta's, you see a tower rising high above Thorngate. To the far south, you see the ruins of a keep that once housed Lady Astra, too far away to reach.


"Welcome to Lord!"


Directions to key rooms from center
Bo'vul (bank)  : 3n
Greystone (smith)  : s 2w
Woe (shop)  : 2w s
Cane (trainer)  : s 2e u, give practice ticket to Gilliad
Garrow (jeweller)  : 7e 2n
Old Hunter (archer) : 3w
Lord mudschool  : 3s
Lord donation room  : Non-existent

Basic Lord Skills

As you enter the room, you notice with awe that two of the four walls of the room are decorated with elaborate murals. The eastern mural depicts a group that is seen phasing between planes. The western mural shows a group gathered in a room watching a lord be reborn. A scroll with the word "Practice" etched at the top is hung next to the western mural. You may wish to take a closer look at both of the murals and the scroll.

Eastern Mural:

As a lord, you have access to other planes besides the Midgaardian plane. You are able to access these planes through the planeshift spell. Once you are on a different plane, you must cast homeshift or planeshift to return to Thorngate. Casting these spells takes great concentration, more than you can muster while fighting. On the bottom of the mural is a warning. Note: You must planeshift back to Thorngate if the room you are in is cursed.

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Western Mural:

As a new lord, your stats are rolled randomly upon morphing. In order to reroll your stats, a lord cleric will have to genesis you. Genesis comes with the price of you losing a point of your prime stat and a point of your low stat. Notes: Being trained fully will help maximize your hp, mana and moves as genesis is dependent on these. Also, clerics cannot genesis themselves.

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Since your wisdom stat is now higher as a lord, you may gain a few more practices at lord. Having 500 practices is usually sufficient to train your stats and practice new skills and spells. Of course, having more practices will give you a cushion against stat loss. Also, the eulogy spell costs a stat when you cast it. Therefore, you'll either need practices or gold to retrain your stats. You'll also have another method of gaining practices through leading. If you lead a run, you will get a bonus practice point for every time a group member levels, provided you have practiced all the leadership skills you can.

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Improving Your Gear

As you enter the room, a jabber of voices reach your ears. As you walk further into the room, you can hear faint but excited voices gibbering "..it's mine because I looted it..." "...mine...I don't have it.." "..mine..I led the run...". The voices seem to be coming from the group of ethereal figures standing in the center of the brightly lit room. Broken and damaged armor has been tossed aside. As you gaze towards the walls of the room, you notice several statues lined up in a row with different sets of gear on them. You may wish to take a closer look at the figures, the statues, the broken pieces of armor as well as the damaged pieces of armor.