Mithril Web Gloves

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Gossamer mithril threads are woven, impossibly, into a fine pair of gloves. They are almost totally invisible unless the light strikes the gleaming metal in just the right way. But what razor sharp metal strands these are...

Insignificantly increases resistance to poison damage continuous
Modifies damage roll by 5 continuous.
Modifies hit roll by 5 continuous.
Modifies hp by -20 continuous.
 It improves archery accuracy.
 It improves chances of archery critical hits.
 It facilitates the archery skill held shot.

Object: mithril, webbing, gloves
Type: armor
Extra flags: invis
Bases: 10-12
Levels: 50-52
Weight: 0
Quality 200 hp

Area: Daingean Machadae
Mob: giant spider

This is a skin item from the giant spider just a few rooms beyond the entrance of Daingean Machadae.

Coming in from the west go s, e, u, e; kill troll, kill gnome, get formless elemental earth from the Gnome's corpse, go west, unlock north, open north, and the giant spider is right there.

Be sneak, move hidden, and invis throughout or you will get aggied by any Quicksilver mobs in the area.

Remember to enchant this item up to level 54 to get the maximum Archery benefit.