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51 MORPH Syntax: morph <password>

To morph is to attempt to ascend to a higher level of mortal existence. At level 300 or greater, a hero may attempt to morph into a Lord. Attempting to morph is risky, but if you are successful, you will effect your own transformation and that transforming energy will refresh and renew the realm.

In case of failure though, the residual pain left by the attempt will prevent a renewed try for a time and negatively impact on your ability to gain experience from your travels for that duration.

The closer you are to hero level 999, the better chance you have for a successful transformation and the lower the potential strength of failure pain. Even with success, you will find yourself near death.

If you succesfully ascend to a higher level prior to reaching the highest sublevel of the hero tier, your understanding and power will be advanced to that point before the full transformation. However, this will happen without any boons or penalties from your chosen deity - and with a small cut to the practices gained from the swift influx of experiences.


See also: Optimum Morph Level

Stat mods

Hit points and mana have a modifier that is applied to hero 999 HP and mana to figure lord HP and mana. Here are some known ones:

Class Multiplier
  HP mana
ARC 3.5 2
ASN 3 2.5
BCI 3 3
BLD 3 3
BOD 4 1
BZK 4.5 -
CLE 2.5 3.5
DRU 2.5 3.5
FUS 3.5 1.5
MAG 2 4
MND 2 4.5
MON 3.5 2.5
PAL 3.5 2.5
PRS 1.5 4.5
PSI 2 4
RAN 3.5 2.5
ROG 3 2
SHF 3.5 1.5
SOR 1.5 4.5
STM 2 4
WAR 4 2
WZD 1.5 4.5


According to a note on board 7 from Pulse dated April 1, 2010, the probability of a successful morph is as follows:

  • the chance of successfully morphing at Hero 300 will be approximately 20%, rising to 50% at Hero 500 and further to 100% at Hero 999
  • should the morph be failed, there will no longer be a level loss penalty - instead all xp gained will be halved for a number of levels. The amount of levels of penalty will be approximately 50 sub-levels for a fail at Hero 300, but will reduce at higher sub-levels
  • on a successful early morph the character will be advanced to Hero 999 as atheist (that is no change). A small practice penalty will be deducted to compensate for the bypassed risk of stat-loss.

The following chart is generated by data from Avatar's Twitter Feed using 2200 data points over 20 months.

Morph Success Chart

  • The Trendline is a linear average of collected data points.
  • Expected values are those based on Pulse's note.

Result: since those two lines are close to one another, we can safely conclude that the data collected is sufficient for a rough chart of acceptable accuracy.

Compiled Data(Last updated 6/19/2013): Monty's_Morph_Data

WinterRose's Original dataset: Morph_Data