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With so many excellent AVATAR resources already available on the web, why would we make another website devoted to this MUD? No, we're not nuts, we actually believe that this website offers something that none of the other currently available AVATAR sites do.

One problem with AVATAR info sites is that they can disappear at a moment's notice, never to return. I'm sure many players mourn the loss of such great AVATAR info sites as Aejase, Mindesto's map site, and Wiseman's race info (edit: Wiseman's race info is still up, at a new location! -- Wiseman). Another problem is when once-great sites like lfamily, or again Aejase, become obsolete because their administrators neglect them.

This website solves both of these problems. While we can't promise to be around forever, we certainly don't have plans of disappearing any time soon. And if the unforeseen does happen, then we could easily hand off the contents of this site to anyone interested in hosting it, and it could be back up in minutes.

Because this website is a Wiki, and is therefore modifiable by anyone, you need not worry about the information here becoming obsolete. If something on the MUD changes, you can log onto the Wiki yourself and keep the rest of the community up to date; you don't need to wait for one of the few site administrators to do it for you. Similarly, if there's some great obscure AVATAR web resource out there that you know about, you can transcribe that knowledge into our Wiki. That way, if the other site goes down for any reason, the information will still be available online.

We hope you enjoy using this Wiki, both to find information about AVATAR, and to share what you know with others. Please see contributing if you need help figuring out how to post information on this site.