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 With a graceful nod, the man looks up from his thoughts and smiles. As
 he does, an errant speck of paint flakes away from the corner of his
 mouth. Noticing your gaze, he speaks:
   "Hello. Yes, as you may have guessed I am stone through and
    through, though not one of Mistress Machadae's creations.
    But after lifetimes spent seeking the Realm's great
    golemcrafters, Tannah Machadae finally caught my attention
    when she rose Cathracharraig from the depths.
   "I feel there is much to learn from her and her stone city.
    Like a good friend of mine once said:
   'Watch out for angry humans with maces.'" Mserie frowns.
   "Hmm, well I suppose that does not make sense in Common.
    Gargoyle aphorisms have a surprisingly dry wit that is,
    alas, frequently lost in translation.
   "But look at me ramble endlessly like a broken clockwork golem.
    I *AM* the city's stonesmith, after all. How may I help you?"

Keywords: mserie, man, stonesmith.
Level: ?.
Scan Description: An incredibly beautiful man stands here, contemplating a chunk of stone.
Alignment: lawful.
Flags: .
Affects: .



Area: Cathracharraig (Map).

Mserie is portable.