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Welcome to Legend!

If you have not done so, you should type "lore initiation" to get started.
This command unlocks lores which will be discussed later.
The very next thing you should do is read help NEWLEGEND...

Congratulations on earning your status as Legend!


This help file has been created to help ease your transition into the
tier.  Upon completion of Troika you will have been randomly assigned
to one of the three existing legend teams - Silver, Gold or Azure.
This is not a permanent assignment and each epoch (explained later)
you will again be randomly chosen for a team.  The basic goal in the
Legend tier is to co-operate with your team mates to defend and take
control of Objects of Power which are placed at strategic points
around the Legend Realms.  Once any team manages to conquer all these
Objects the Legend tier is reset and a new epoch begins.

Legendary Characters

Upon Troika you did not completely leave behind your lord form.
Planeshifting from the Legendary realm to Thorngate is possible from
your team's legend gateway - the same room room you found yourself
in when you initially completed Troika.  Returning to your legend form
can be done via the use of the ACTUALIZE command.  These two
characters are mutually exclusive.  You exist in one form or the other
and each will have its own sets of gear, spell affects, abilities,
worship and other related attributes.  A significant departure from
lower tiers is the concept of LORE.  Not to be confused with
the low mortal skill of the same name, this command effectively
replaces the PRACTICE command as the method for obtaining
skills.  The lores available to be learned are acquired via LORE
POINTS.  As a legend you will not be tied to your original class in
that you are free to acquire lores from different classes if that
is your preference.  Your original class will however have an impact on
the cost of the various lores that are available.  I.e.  lores
similar to your original class will cost fewer LORE POINTS to

Although your initial hit, mana and move points will be generated
based on your original pre-legend class, the GENESIS spell is
available which will re-balance your stats to better match the lores
you have currently learned.

Once a legend team wins and triggers a new epoch you will lose all
your current skills and lores and you will once again be given lore
points to allocate as you please.  Additional lore points will be
awarded if you were part of the winning team from the previous epoch
along with extra lore points as a result of an advanced legend sub

You will also notice that normal mud communication is different for
legends.  The TELL command will still work as expected but public
channels are limited to SILVERCHAT, GOLDCHAT and AZURECHAT depending
on your current team.  TEAMCHAT may also be available at immortal
discretion which is a global chat visible to all legends.

Legend characters are permitted to MULTIPLAY with one other
character so long as the legend character remains in the Legendary
Realm for the duration that the other alt is logged in.

Legendary Equipment

You arrive in the Legendary Realms without any equipment.  Equipment
can be obtained in the regular ways that you are familiar with from
previous tiers.  You can also obtain a temporary set of equipment
with the use of the FURNISH spell which you can learn via use of
the LORE command.

Legendary Realms

Currently the LEGENDARY REALM consist of the Planar Nexus as
well as Strands, Plain, Tower, Fortress and Citadel areas for each
team.  (i.e.  there are Azure Strands, Silver Strands and Golden
Strands).  Each of these team themed areas contains a randomly
assigned Object of Power.  Control of this object results in control of
the area it is located in.  At the start of each epoch these objects
will be controlled by the team which matches the area.  E.g.  the Object
in the Silver Citadel will be controlled by the Silver team by default
which will give them control of the area.  Controlling an area means
that mobs in that area will regard you as team mates and will not be
hostile towards you.

Controlling these OBJECTS OF POWER provide continual boons to
every player in the controlling team.  In addition to the continual
boon you can use the COMMUNE spell at an Object of Power to
further benefit from controlling it. Further some doors, which otherwise
will not open for you without force, can be manipulated easily by the
controlling team.

Have fun!

The AVATAR staff have put in a lot of effort into creating this tier.
Please enjoy it responsibly!  The foundations for the tier are now in place but
there will be continual development over the coming months and years.
Your comments and suggestions are welcome via notes to immortal.


It should be noted that any forms of helping members of opposing teams to gain
experience, conquer your own teams powerpoints, farm gemstones or similar are
considered a loophole and will be treated as such.

See also:

Key notes:

  • Can only homeshift/planeshift to Thorngate or Midgaardia from gateway. (Note: At the moment, you *can* planeshift to other planes which *does* have no lag, but I would highly recommend against it if you want to keep your pfile...both pfiles, that is. May be disabled in the future.)
  • The ACTUALIZE command (not spell), which only works from Thorngate, returns you from your Lord status to your Legend status.
  • The LORE command is how you get your spells and skills.
    • LORE INFO <lorename> tells you what skills given/taken away with a lore
    • LORE INFO <skill/spell name> tells you which lores give that skill/spell
    • PREREQ <lorename> tells you what lores are required to be able to achieve that lore
  • The GENESIS spell rerolls your character after you have lored to achieve better stats suited to the lores you picked (though may not be what you want).
  • TELLS work normally, no other channels are available except for the legend ones
  • EMOTES are disabled at legend
  • TEAMCHAT is a channel that all Legends can see
  • GOLDCHAT, SILVERCHAT, and AZURECHAT are channels that only players of that team can see/talk on that channel.
  • Currently toggling TEAMCHAT also toggles the respective colored team chat because they are one channel.
  • Legends may multiplay one other alt as long as the Legend is on the Legendary Realm
  • All legends receive the FURNISH spell (included with the initiation lore), which gives a temporary (until death) set of gear.
  • FURNISH gear expires when you die
  • The Legendary Realm consists of
    • the Planar Nexus
    • For each team:
      • Strands
      • Plain
      • Tower, Fortress, Citadel, Bastion, and Keep (the powerpoints)
  • Each powerpoint contains a randomly assigned object of power (reset randomly each epoch)
  • The current state of the powerpoints may be seen through the POWERSTATE SHOW command
  • A history of the powerpoints and who won them can be seen with POWERSTATE SHOW ## where ## is a number from 1 to the current epoch number
  • When a team is in control of a powerpoint, they may use the COMMUNE spell at an object of power to gain boons from them.
  • A player can only have one COMMUNE boon active at any one time. (Use the ablution spell to change boons.)
  • Once successfully infiltrating another team's node, a player (only one is required) may use the CONQUER command to attempt to take control of that node.
  • CONQUER SHOW is available to see the status of the nodes, however POWERSTATE SHOW is the newer preferred method.

That's only the start of it.
There is however one important spell not mentioned in the helpfile: WORD OF ESCAPE. This spell (included with the initiation lore) is the ONLY way to get back to your gateway from outside the gateway. This process however is not instant. You cannot be interrupted by mobs or other players during this time. There is an initial lag from the spell, then a longer lag before you are returned to your gateway.

Suggested aliases

alias woe c 'word of escape'

alias psh powerstate show --The powerstate command is also available for non-Legends, so any non-Legend alt can see the status of the nodes at any time