Old Parchment

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I am writing this because I fear I will never leave this place as a mortal man. It started slowly as one by one members of my crew disappeared. We could hear their voices but could never find them. Eventually only I was left. I could hear them screaming for help all around me and I swear I could even feel them pulling at my clothing as I ran for the exit. When I reached the ladder out, I found that no matter how long I climbed I never reached the top... Even now, despite my cries for help, they are boarding up the entrance to this cellar. I know not when another living soul will set foot in these chambers. Surely I will not live much longer. Whatever force is here, the priests have not contained it, and I can feel it wasting away at my flesh. I fear I will be long gone when the day comes, but I would be grateful if the one who finds this note would try and pass word of my fate to my descendents so that they know I did not abandon them by choice. When I began work here, my son had just left home to study with the priests to become a healer. I am sure that he will have succeeded, and likely passed the trade on to his children. He always swore to me that he was destined to begin a great line of healers who would serve this new town and all young adventurers in need of help. If he succeeded... if indeed there is a great healer nearby, please pass on this message so that my family knows I never stopped trying to return home.

Keyword(s): scrap, parchment, paper.
Level(s): 23-25.
Type: ticket.
Slot(s): none.
Quality: 2 hps.
Weight: 1 lbs.
Flag(s): nolocate.


This ticket is used in Catacombs of Solace's Old Parchment Quest.


Area: Catacombs of Solace (Map).
Room(s): A Dark Corner (portable) in a crack in the wall.

Walking route from Sol: 3e, 2s, [w], [d], [d], 2s, 2e.