Potion Of Dew

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A small potion rests here, smelling of morning dew.

Level 20 spells of: 'heal'.

Keyword(s): potion, dew.
Level(s): 26-28.
Type: potion.
Slot(s): none.
Quality: 1 hps.
Weight: 3 lbs.
Flag(s): glow, magic.


Although this mob is portable, at least one mob in Bloodsong Island uses these same keywords; thus, it is safer to use keywords docile minotaur instead. Also, beware of both (1) larger aggressive minotaurs that may wander among these young ones (Territorial Minotaur) and (2) certain mobs that will snipe at characters in certain rooms, which may be very painful or even deadly!

See also Suggested Healing Gear.


Area: Paradise Point (Map).
Mob(s): a young minotaur.

See a young minotaur for more information.