Rackhir's Red Sash of Archery

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A silken red sash lies here, apparently forgotten when its owner left the realm.

Modifies hit roll by 5 continuous.
Modifies armor class by -5 continuous.
Modifies wisdom by 2 continuous.

Keyword(s): red, sash, rackhirs
Level(s): 51
Type: Armor
Slot(s): <worn about waist>.
Flag(s): dark, Anti-Good, nolocate

Weight: 20 lbs
Quality: 200 hps


Embed the following:

  • 1 Perfect Diamond
  • 1 Perfect Amethyst
  • 3 Perfect Sapphires

Embed these into a hero level sash (needs to have keyword 'sash', for example Captain's Silver Sash). That sash has been proven; likely that there are others that work, too.

Once successful cast manifest:

c manifest sash "rackhir's red sash of archery"

Copy and paste the command, and if you want to enter it manually, be sure to use double quotes.


As always, hero manifest items will have bases from B12 to B14, regardless of the original sash's base.

See embed for more tips on how to safely use this skill.

(By comparison, Girth Of The Most Holy(3, special quest reward), Jeweled Scabbard(3, type: container, -20ac), or Bright Red Sash (3***(arc mods).)