Sakil, The True Orc

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Wearing stylish clothes that don't fit, the orc has a slightly different look to him than the rest of Orkenhome's residents. The eyes set deep into the twisten Orken face don't seem to show the same intelligence and compassion that the rest of the citizens posses. That's because Sakil is a true orc who has found the perfect place to blend in and commit all manner of atrocities.

Keywords: Sakil, true, orc.
Level: 32.
Alignment: demonic.
Flags: assassin, steadfast, aggressive.
Affects: detect hidden.


Sakil, the true orc is using:
<wielded>           a silver two-bladed dagger
Sakil, the true orc is carrying:
     a golden key
     a lock pick



Area: Orkenhome (Map).
Room(s): A Secret Room (portable).

Walking route from Aelmon: 14n, 8w, n, e, 4d, s, d, w, 2d, e, d, e, d, w, d, 2s, e, 2s, 2w, d, 7w, n, e, s, [d].

Walking route from Ailne: 2w, n, e, s, [d].

Sakil, the true orc is portable.