Septarch Envy Quest

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Perform the following:

  • c tele Septarch Envy
  • applaud envy
  • c tele drow informer
  • kill informer
  • get finger
  • c tele sept envy
  • give finger envy
  • c tele athartis
  • drop baby (beware: trying to sacrifice the baby will set your alignment to -1000)
  • c tele sept envy
  • applaud envy
  • receive Small Ruby Ring
  • receive insignia 'Sept Xkra'Zvim Retainer'

Note: there is more than one way to complete this quest - this is just one way. Another will earn you 'Sept Xkra'Zvim Do-Gooder'. This involves handing the baby over to Kirkan instead of dropping it on the ground. This will get you an amethyst and an imm-level bless.

Known variations will offer different rewards (instead of the ring) such as an actual Roixa's blessing, with different insignia.

Once completed, the quest cannot be retried easily. There is a way to repeat the quest for a different version of the Sept Xkra'Zvim Insignia, or to repeat for a second reward. However, this seems to be a once per reboot option, which unless you really want another ring is probably not worth it. Though it can be a good way to get your align down real fast, for evil players.