Septarch Kirarun Quest

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To start this quest, visit Septarch Kirarun and take a look at him for a hint on the right social to activate the start of this quest.

<spoiler text='Step 1'>

  • voodoo Kirarun

</spoiler> <spoiler text='Step 2'>

</spoiler> <spoiler text='Step 3'>

  • Visit Odertha

</spoiler> <spoiler text='Step 4'>

  • Go to Qass Tomb

</spoiler> <spoiler text='Step 5'>

  • Get the necklace from the regal zombie

</spoiler> <spoiler text='Step 6'>

  • Return the necklace to Odertha.

</spoiler> <spoiler text='Step 7'>

  • Take the token to Leah, in Westwood.

</spoiler> <spoiler text='Step 8'>

  • Return the meteorite to Odertha.

</spoiler> <spoiler text='Step 9'>

  • Take the starmetal to Kirarun

</spoiler> <spoiler text='Step 10'>

  • Leave and return.

</spoiler> <spoiler text='Step 11'>


Note: This is an one-time quest. Once completed, it cannot be repeated.