Small Wooden Lockbox

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A small wooden lockbox is here, with a combination lock.

Capacity is 25 lbs.

Keyword(s): small, wooden, lockbox.
Level(s): 0-52.
Type: container.
Slot(s): none.
Quality: 1000 hps.
Weight: 3 lbs.
Flag(s): dark, nolocate.


These containers always spawn locked but characters may unlock them either by breaking their locks using a wielded crushing weapon or, for those who have learned how to pick locks, by picking their locks—either with difficulty by hand or, for those who have learned rogue lore, with ease while holding a chest pick.

Lockboxes also randomly spawn armed with one of serveral kinds of traps that will spring when they are broken and/or picked and/or opened, possibly with lethal consequences; however, characters who have learned how to disarm traps may both find and dismantle such traps while holding a trap-disarming kit.

Lockboxes practially always contain some small random amount of money. Some lockboxes also contain one or (rarely) more random gemstones and/or "vials of healing".


Area: various.
Mob(s): random.

These containers appear ramdomly on mobs.