Special Officer Of The Grey Ghosts Quest

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To start this quest, go to General Nuuttaah and follow his instructions.

Once completed, the quest will reward the player with a diamond, and the Special Officer Of The Grey Ghosts Insignia.

There are no level limits to this quest, though the area's lower recommended level of 18 can be constituted as the suggested starting level for this quest.

The tradecraft clues he gives you tell you how to interrogate various drow in the Graw Akkuurattaan. The right mob (a drow slave) will respond to the first social. The third is "shove" (not threaten). Be persistent; you may need to try the same things a few times to get results.

For the second part, he wants you to spy on Septarch Animosity and give him an incriminating notebook hidden inside the room hidden behind her bookshelf (a room which does not appear in the wiki's map of Tiureess).