Ssithtarr's Fur Collection Quest

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From 'help Ssithtarrs Fur Collection':

Within a shallow cave in Cryptid Hollow, there is a serpentine figure who finds himself in a most perplexing perdicament: satisfying Queen Hcuyj of Igecsoz before she has his head.

Perhaps you can aid him in his efforts before it is too late, and his blood is spilled?

NOTE: This quest is written for players who are levels 20-25, and must be completed by level 25.

Completetion of this quest will include the Ssithtarr's Fur Collection Insignia along with the main prize, the Ringmail Tasset.

Here's a hint. There are three mobs to kill to complete this quest. The first is on the first level, the second is on the second level and the third is all the way at the bottom. Happy Hunting!

Here are three that work:

  1. hairy hominid (wad of fur)
  2. curious carcass (hairy limb stalk -- but it's nodrop?!)
  3. Chuchunaa (jambs of matted fur)