Stone Giants

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Stone Giants frequently dwell on mountains and crags, although they tend to avoid peaks that are covered with snow. Despite the fact that they remain creatures of flesh and blood, their skin often has a rough, earthen appearance. This, coupled with the fact that Stone Giants are almost always bald, means that many older Stone Giants are mistaken for boulders when they are at rest. Stone Giants tend to be more solitary than other Giants, but they are still capable of working together when their homes are threatened by outsiders.

All Stone Giants have a remarkable talent for hurling heavy objects at their foes. While the traditional projectile of choice is a boulder, any heavy object at hand will do. Using their innate Elemental energy, Stone Giants can cause the very earth to rise up and trap their enemies. They're also particularly thick-skulled, making them harder to stun.

Despite the fact that they are substandard spellcasters, Stone Giants perform admirably when working with earth, caustic, or telekinetic magic.

Stone Giants have three main racials that set them apart. They are Hurl, Fetter, and Hardheaded.

The casting bonus hinted at in the help file has been confirmed to apply to the following spells: