Svlad The Very Burly

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"Greetings..." pants Svlad, "Don't go in there! It is a place of death! My friends, Mosca the thief, Faustus the wizard, Targa the Samurai and my own sweet angel, Millament, were not so lucky as I! You risk your soul if you go in there, fellow adventurer!"

Keywords: Svlad, warrior.
Level: 67.
Alignment: heroic.
Flags: steadfast.
Affects: none.


Svlad the Very Burly is using:
<worn on body>      a badly broken splint mail vest
<held in offhand>   an unscathed shield
<worn about body>   a burnt cloak
<wielded>           a splintered axe handle
<held>              a single gauntlet
Svlad the Very Burly is carrying:


Svlad can often be used as a solid portal point for the area or to get to Summoning since summoning is just a few souths from him.

Svlad is involved in a short quest that has to do with his other gauntlet. He also is Millament's fiance and does not know she is a murdering necromancer. Just saying.


Area: Category: Cloud Dracoleum (Map).
Room(s): Gate of Petrified Flame (portable).

Walking route from Aelmon: 19n, 3e, 5n, u, e, u, w, n, u, n, u, 6n, w, u, n, u, e, u, n, w, u, n, u, s, 3u, 3n.

Svlad the Very Burly is portable.