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Dave Garber in 2005

Real Name: David Edward Garber ("Dave")

Birthdate: 1975 Jan 01

Residence: Provo, UT, USA

Biography: I was born and raised in Virginia's Washington, DC, suburbs, where I graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in 1993. Except for spending two years (1994-1996) serving as a full-time missionary here and there around Michigan, I then lived for quite a few years in Provo, Utah, where I attended Brigham Young University (BYU) off and on. I have been majoring in physics there and I hope to become a university professor of physics when I grow up. Although science interests me, my real passions are both religion and politics; I might be best described as a Christian (LDS) libertarian Republican, in essentially that order.

Interests: Conversing, learning about almost anything (to some degree or other), reading books (primarily nonfiction), listening to music (primarily soft hits and oldies), playing PC games (mainly role-playing, strategy, and simulation), watching movies (of all sorts), acting, singing, playing my piano, social dancing, traveling, taking photographs, giving service, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera...

Avatar MUD Information


I became an Avatar MUD "addict" in 2004 December because my close real-life friend Shane Pulley (a.k.a. "Hocus") wanted a real-life friend to MUD with him and, so, I obliged and quickly discovered that I enjoyed it. Sadly, Shane then became addicted to Runescape and quit playing Avatar MUD whereas I did not. Anyway, feel free to say howdy to me if you see me around the MUD! Although I can't always do all that much, I'm very happy to help folks out when I can. My characters are as follows:

Stealthhoofs   hero cen rog tank            Dragonzerker   hero liz war hitter
Arrowflinger   hero cen arc hitter          Dracopaladin   hero hel cle healer
Thunderhoofs   hero cen war hitter          Dracowarlock   hero hel mag hitter
Brainstormer   hero cen psi hitter          Dragonshaman   hero hel cle healer
Skyrider       hero cen mag hitter          Woodsy         lwmt ent --- ------
Gesundheit     hero cen cle healer          Yaxche         lwmt ent cle healer

AvatarWiki Information

Here on AvatarWiki, I presently serve (unofficially) as a file clerk, standardized format developer, lowmort area cartographer, and occasional page contributor, among other things.

Contact Information

Mailing Address: (confidential) E-Mailing Address:
Telephone Number: (confidential) Yahoo! IM Address: DaveGarber1975

See also my GeoCities page, my MySpace page, and my Yahoo! 360° page.