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Shadowtop is an Ent Wizard, who was created in February, 2005, back when Wizards were creatable, before Ents got Racial Earth-Embrace and well before bots were legal.

The player behind the character has been with AVATAR since the beginning in various incarnations and with varying degrees of activity and input. Even with all those years of experience though, the one thing that remains constant is however much you know, there is always plenty more to learn and plenty of areas to be ignorant in.

My participation in this wiki is partially as a method of learning more about AVATAR, and partially an effort to give back something to this most excellent community project.

Current Projects

Fleshing Out of Incomplete Areas

Focus on low mort areas first, in particular levels 1-10.
Valley of the Dogs Broo Village Rivers of Avatar

Added Classifications of Gear

Add Catagories to Gear, for slot and function combined.
See Finger Mana Gear for an example.