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Just some dude who has been playing Avatar for roughly 20 years. Feel free to message me in-game for assistance. I typically keep myself busy, but if I'm available I will certainly lend a hand!

Tyranael - Lowmort Spr Mag (remorted 12/26/2011)
Korga - Lord Orc War (goal is Min Bzk)
Aggrendaloth - Lord Gar War (goal is Gol Pal)
Kelainos - Hero Har Shf (stop laughing!)
WARBOSS - Hero Orc Arc
Ssrathak - Hero Liz Psi
Awa - Hero Dgn Bld, can't seem to get more than 2 hits a round even with duplicate weapons in wield/held...
Maiethilalar - Hero Elf Mage
Hrungnor - Hero Dwf War worshipping Durr (sharpen alt)

I keep multiple hit and tank sets across alts so listing it all would be way too time-consuming. Full evil tank set for Kelainos as well, of course. Of note I do have:

Baron's Sword, m50, dbrill (14/14)
Dark Flaming Blade, m49, dbrill (13/15)
Chained Sickle, m48, dbrill (13/13)
Several "a shard of black Doom marble" all 10/10, the one 11/11 I've made was NightHawk's (darnit!)