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Syntax: volley <direction> <number of shots>

Prerequisites: scattershot and longshot

Example: volley north 5

The orc stumbled to the ground and spat out blood but Aderis
knew the fight was not over. He braced himself behind his shield
to prepare for the wild attack he knew would come. The orc
was back on his feet and had begun to charge when Aderis heard
a familiar repetitive twang.  The orc didn't even have time to
register the sudden smirk on Aderis's face before four gleaming
arrows buried themselves deep in his chest...

The volley skill is restricted to master bow users. They combine
their ability to fire rapidly with the skill to shoot from long
distances. In order to work effectively their targets must
be focussed on combat already or these shots will be easily

While druids can learn this ability, they are not able to fire
as many arrows as trained fusiliers and archers. The skill
requires a weapon capable of shooting over long distances.