White Dragons

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White Dragons hail from the Frozen North, and they rule over their lands with the cruelness of Cold itself. White Dragons are less interested than other Dragons in raiding & pillaging foreign lands. But this does not mean they are any more forgiving of those who trespass on their territory. Despite their massive size, White Dragons are well camouflaged amidst the snow and ice by their stark white scales. More than one snowblind explorer has met their fate after accidentally stumbling upon a White Dragon's lair.

White Dragons can make their scales frigidly cold. Anyone who touches them becomes more vulnerable to ice and frost. White Dragons protect themselves against spellcasters by coating their bodies in a layer of magically reflective ice. Due to their time spent amidst the ice, White Dragons have terrific balance. This makes them much more difficult to knock down in battle.

When utilizing her frost breath to its fullest potential, a White Dragon can freeze her opponent solid, causing them to miss their next round of attacks.

  • Abbreviation: Whd.