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   Silmanest is carrying:
   Silmanest is carrying:
   a [[Gold And Emerald Ring |gold and emerald ring]]
   [[Gold And Emerald Ring |a gold and emerald ring]]
   an [[Old Keyring |old keyring]]
   [[Old Keyring |an old keyring]]
   a [[Glittering Red Key |glittering red key]]
   [[Glittering Red Key |a glittering red key]]
   a [[Flask Of Dragonsbrew |flask of dragonsbrew]]
   [[Flask Of Dragonsbrew |a flask of dragonsbrew]]
   a [[Radiant Sunfire Jewel |radiant sunfire jewel]]
   [[Radiant Sunfire Jewel |a radiant sunfire jewel]]
   a [[Deep Green Emerald |deep green emerald]]
   [[Deep Green Emerald |a deep green emerald]]
== Comments ==
== Comments ==

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Silmanest is the oldest and wisest of all the dragons. His scales are not of one set color, but instead combine all of the others' colorings. His ability with spell casting and combat is unchallenged. He is known to parley with his victims to amuse himself.

Keywords: silmanest, dragon, lord
Level: 76
Alignment: Demonic
Flags: ?
Affects: Sanctuary


 Silmanest is using:
 <worn around neck>  [Pristine  ] (Magical) (Glowing) an amulet of turning
 <wielded>           [Pristine  ] (Magical) (Glowing) blade of the Silmavar
 Silmanest is carrying:
 a gold and emerald ring
 an old keyring
 a glittering red key
 a flask of dragonsbrew
 a radiant sunfire jewel
 a deep green emerald


Note that Silmanest can tail, and hence stun you in combat.

There is treasure on the floor of his room:

 A shimmery deep blue sapphire lies here, like a draught of suspended ocean water.
 A glittering white pearl lies among other, lesser jewels.
 A huge mountainous pile of gold, a dragon's hoard, lies here for the taking.


Area: Silmavar Labyrinth (Map)
Room: In a vast room