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The Silmavar is a colossal underground series of caves, caverns, tunnels and ruins. Its origin and purpose are completely unknown, even to the myriad creatures that make their home there. Legends speak of a conclave of crazed humans, lead by their king, Saeren, and of hordes of undead in the thrall of the great Lich, Numenor, and of goblins and balrogs and lakes of fire and magma. Some even speak in hushed whispers of a small group of ancient dragons guarding some of the labyrinth's oldest ruins. Silmavar is a place of many wonders, and very few have seen all of them.

Level Range: 51-51

Builder: Draeger


Walking route from Aelmon: 16e, [e], s, [d], w.

Portaling point(s) suggested: Numenor (warning: aggressive).



The area has three layers:

  • Top layer, containing Numenor and his undead, a mostly straightforward set of circular passageways,
  • Second layer, with the human, goblin and spider kingdoms, an essentially straight path that only sidetracks into the spider domain and has off-shooting minor rooms depicting the kingdoms,
  • Bottom layer, the domain of dragons, balrogs and elementals, an even more straightforward path with some off-shooting rooms.

Area is almost completely cursed, with a few Secret rooms that are uncursed and allow for recalling out. Aside for two minor private rooms on the first layer, there are no extraordinary rooms worth mentioning, aside for the randomized maze on the second layer, which is usually best avoided.


Apart from the wandering, invis and aggressive spectre on the top layer (aggressive even towards Move Hidden players), this area is quite easy to run in, with little to none roaming aggie mobs (except a few on the very bottom of the area).

First you are most likely to enter Numenors room (portable), from here you venture to the west. North from there you will find a water location with bats and lurkers which tends to flee. In here you will also discover a key in a chest which is needed later, if you do not want to or cannot cast Pass Door on yourself.

To south you will encounter two guardians, which both wields and therefor can be a bit hurtful to fight. From the guardians you can walk to the east, here you will find skeletons (wimpy) and dread knights (carrying Jeweled Scabbard, worn on waist). To the furthest east you will find a locked door, this door can be opened with the key from the river location with the lurkers and bats. Here you can descend to the second layer.

At the beginning of the second layer you will find a few good-aligned citizens, and here is also Saeren The King (carries Helm Of Cherubims, hit gear for head) and Raegard (has a Bottle Of Cordial stashed on the floor of the secret room to his east).

After venturing further to the east, you will enter a room where the door to the east is locked. The key for this door can be found on either the mob to the south of this room (Andrinia), or the guard to the north (Bondunor). After opening this door you will find yourself in a section which hosts evil-aligned goblins.

Wandering south of goblins is Grugnash, from here you can either go west and enter a mini maze with spiders (Spider queen has a poison) or east and then down to the third layer.

The path to Kalimindroph(has Bow Of Aranor) is straight. If you venture a bit to the east you might find yourself facing Balrogs as well, which are aggressive. In with the Balrogs you might also find Ral (has Maelstrom, Sword Of The Balrog) and he is quite big and hard to kill, and in his own room. He is significantly bigger than the other mobs in this area.

At the very end of the third layer is an uncursed room, which is a good place to set recall.


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