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  Tannah Machadae is using:
  Tannah Machadae is using:
  <worn around neck>  [[Dryad Necklace|dryad necklace]]
  <worn around neck>  [[Dryad Necklace|dryad necklace]]
  <wielded>          (Glowing) a staff of cooling lava
  <wielded>          (Glowing) [[Staff Of Cooling Lava|a staff of cooling lava]]
  You peek at the inventory:
  You peek at the inventory:

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Clad in fine silken robes, in colors that span the range of the rainbow, and sewn with delicate golden threads, the geomancer of Daingean Machadae and self made queen of Cathracharraig stands before you. She has the appearance of a young woman in her prime with bright red hair going down her back in a long braid. Her bright green eyes peer into the world with a look that could be best described as confident, yet with a hint of disdain for all around her. Already a skilled geomancer, her powers have been amplified multiple times by her plundering of magical relics, most notably the sacred remains of the dryad Allaysha, and the artifacts won from the late Marshall Diana.

Keywords: geomancer, tannah, machadae
Scan Description: (Black Aura) Busy with yet another wicked experiment the geomancer has no time for you.
Level: 90.
Alignment: demonic
Flags: ?
Affects: Sanctuary.


Tannah Machadae is using:
<worn around neck>  dryad necklace
<wielded>           (Glowing) a staff of cooling lava
You peek at the inventory:
     a smoldering iron key


Tannah used to live in Obsidian Tower which is now Helikon Tower.

Need an intricate obsidian key to enter Tannah's study.


Area: Daingean Machadae (Map).
Room: Tannah Machadae's private chambers (Cursed).