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After Tannah Machadae's army sacked Ofcol, and she took her residence in the newly created town and tower, she allowed her former lieutenant Lezgnar to start a life of his own at her old tower. She reshaped it, until all was fine and dandy, and now Lezgnar, together with his wife Shaybl, rules this region of the land in the name of Mistress Mach.

Level Range: 51-51

Builder: Kariya

Added: March 2011

Grandfathered: March 2013


Walking route from Aelmon: ???

Walking route from Tangle Of Vines: n2e2s

Walking route from King Lion: 2n4w5n3e2s




This is a pretty mean area - the mud monster ("mud covered golem") is tough and no-flee.


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