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I have been playing Avatar off and on since early 2003. To contact me, leave a note on my talk page or send a personal note to Morgul. Below is a list of the alts I commonly log.

The Usual Suspects
Name Race Class Tier Goal
Corvinus Kzn Rog Hero -
Hassan Orc Arc Hero Asn
Mech Gol War Hero Bzk
Morgul Drw Sor Hero HiE
Olympus Hum Asn Lowmort -
Orodruin Drg War Lowmort Bod
Pax HiE Cle Lowmort Dru*
Qualinth Elf War Hero HiE
Simbelmyne Orc War Lord -
Skywise Drw Wzd Lord -
Talruum Trl War Lord Min
Tolus Gno Cle Lord -
Torahn Drw Asn Lowmort HiE
* Undecided