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The cracked, rough surface of Outland has long been the scene of bloodshed between the githzerai and the githyanki. The githyanki established supremacy and pushed the githzerai back into their keep where they have bided their time, growing stronger and preparing to one day retake the surface lands, while the githyanki have wasted their skills on foolish Midgaardian interlopers. Now the time has come and the githzerai have launched a counter-offensive, sending their forces against their ancient foes. Tread lightly, as neither group cares for you!

Builder: Snikt





Regen room from recall, 2s 2w

Outland proper is a great place for experience for a group of size 7-11, when there are enough but not too many Lords on. With enough casters -- especially Sorcerors -- in your group, it is fairly easy to lead a run of over 3K exp. It is approximately 10x10 with wraparound exits. Gith keep is in the northwest corner, and the start of Commander run is on the southwest side. Picture shift like an east/west bridge. Mobs to the east and west can walk in, but mobs to the north and south pass the shift room by (the rooms north and south connect to each other).

Be careful right at shift, as occasionally there can be a large swarm of 5-6 mobs (wastesweepers come into the room when you shift in, and aggie). Scout is a psion; be alert for migraines and scrambles on this plane.

Mobs to beware of are 1 stabber (on scan: Moving silently, a githzerai stalks a githyanki). Butcher is big and wields (on scan: The serene look of insanity, perhaps the last thing you ever see) and champion hurts a lot and casts meteor swarm (on scan: A massive githzerai swaggers toward you). If you see an exit going down, it leads to the Silver Chestplate run. If you see an exit going up, it leads to the Gith Keep.

For regenerating, make sure no mobs are on scan, and sleep away. Alternatively, make your way to the sentinels (on scan: 2 x A githyanki scans the horizon, alert for any danger). (Unclear why that is recommended, as sentinel rooms are not safe rooms, and lookout scouts are poor xp for the effort.) However, try to clear all the mobs in adjacent rooms before sleeping. Or, recall to shift, clear east/west rooms, and sleep there (no longer an infirmary).

Most of the rooms are homeshiftable.

The monolith mini-quest

The regen room (2s 2w from shift) can be made more safe.

After a reboot, visit the leaders of the north/south/east/west and kill them or otherwise obtain their reboot-only items, called "western tip of the monolith", "eastern tip of the monolith", "northern tip of the monolith", "southern tip of the monolith".

Drop all four of these in the regen room and you'll see:

  The northern tip of the monolith falls from Falros's hands
  smashing into the ground, causing a cloud of red dust to
  rise.  With a sudden crack of magic, the piece flies up
  to the top of the monolith and snaps into place!
  When it is but inches from the ground, the southern tip
  is the monolith instead rebounds upwards and snaps into 
  place at the top of the monolith!
  The western tip of monolith is ripped from gravity's
  grasp and pulled towards the top of the monolith!  It
  slides into place with a small but audible *click*.
  The final piece of the monolith snaps into place!
  The monolith begins to glow bright gold against
  the harsh red sky, before the color fades back to
  to a more natural red.  Finally, the Githzerai can
  get ever closer to the Githyanki domain...
  You get the feeling that you should look at the apex.

"look apex", and this gives a small xp boost and an insignia which grows over time (I went from Githzerai Monolith Joiner to Githzerai Monolith Carpenter just now and got 250xp).

After you do this, the room becomes lloydable (eligible for a shrine etc.). Also, you can drop a dream of safety in the room to create 4 walls (like a mprog that casts wall of thorns for you).


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