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Nestled high in the mountains, the Abbaye du Livre has been dedicated to the preservation of knowledge and history since the end of the Second Great War of Giants and Ents. The monks who inhabit the Abbey maintain a large Library and a Museum which are open to interested scholars from around the world. Visitors are encouraged to take a look at the many volumes and tomes the Library has to offer as well as to browse the Museum's impressive collection of Midgaardian artifacts. Anyone who finds the Abbey's resources useful should consider giving a donation at the Almonry to support the upkeep of the Museum and the Library!

Level Range: 51-51

Builder: Setielc

This area was added in 2010 Jan.


Walking route from Aelmon: 19n, 3e, 3n, 3e, n.

Portaling point(s) suggested: Modrim, Librarian's assistant.



Approaching from the entrance to the Abbaye you climb a short path to reach the main area. This will lead you into the central open area, consisting mostly of a training ground, gardens and stone paths.

Following the path to the east will take you past a number of utilitarian buildings such as a smithy and bakery as the path curves north to main dormitary of the monestary - which is also reached from the gardens by travelling in a north-easterly direction. If you strike west you will reach the entrance to the library and north will take you to the temple. If you follow a path to the north-west you will arrive at the museum.

The utiliarian buildings include an almonry, a locutory, A bakery, a smithy, a brewery and a buttery.

The dormitary is laid out in an inverted T shape, with the sleeping areas to the west, the kitchen and dining hall to the north and the Father's office to the east. This is where the largest mob in the area can be found.

The library is filled with shelves with interesting books to read and is divided into north, south and west wings. Most mobs wander around between the different wings and the main thing to distinguish the wings is the content of the books to be found there. On entering the library, the Librarian at the entrance gives you a quick explanation of the lay-out.

The temple is the smallest of the big buildings, laid out in a 2x3 rectangular shape with an entrance passage. It also lacks any of the more interesting mobs which can be found in the other buildings.

The main part of the museum is laid out in a 3x3 grid and contains a number of interesting items to look at with some historical significance. At the north end of the museum are another couple of rooms, which include the Director's office and the Director himself - the second toughest mob in the area.


With plenty of evil mobs in the library, and mostly good mobs in the rest of the area, it is easy to maintain your alignment here, or even a mixed alignment group. Scholars, researchers and other visitors to the library tend to be negatively aligned, while the monks themselves are generally positively aligned.

With no aggressive mobs, corpse eaters, necromancers or other unpleasant surprises, this is a good area for smaller heroes to practice their skills in, particularly as a duo. A decent duo can easily kill the smaller mobs for relatively low, but fast xp, and can handle the fewer but tougher mobs without too many problems.

Soloing, this area is also quite viable, if you can find the usual balance between getting hit and dealing out damage.


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