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One of the less explored isles in the great ocean is known as the Dream Steppes. The stories say that a mysterious fragrance permeates throughout the isle. It is said that this aroma causes even the most stalwart of sailors to become lost in daydreams. Seafarers who breathe in this aroma are said to abandon their ships, and race towards the center of the island. Those who wish to see home once again generally stay clear of this isle.

Level Range: 51-51

Builder: Masamun

This area was created for an area-building contest in 2004.
This area was added in 2005.


Walking route from Aelmon: 39s, 5w (note: crosses water terrain).

Portaling point(s) suggested: displacer beast (note: there are many).



The area proper, when entered from the sea is an approximately 5x5 block, uncursed. To the south behind a Nightmarish Sea Serpent is a locked door (need to be PSI to see the lever in the same room) leading to a cursed ship. In the general middle of the area is a trout-like branch (lever that can be seen with Detect Magic), that leads upwards to a small block with many aggressive mobs.


The area is mostly safe, decent for lowhero (or even high lowmort group) xp, but beware the many psionicists, who are disguised and aggie.

There is a total of 4 psionicists in the area proper, 3 of which are stationary. Only one (the masked rider) wanders. First stationary one is in the northeast corner, second is one west of him (invisible so he doesn't show on scan). The last stationary is n, e of the southwest corner. The fourth wanders and is disguised as a displacer beast. It's the only one with the word "beware" in it's long description on scan. A good strategy for high lowmort or lowish hp lowhero group is to avoid this altogether or possibly kill it of first so it cant walk in. Stationary psis are usually avoided.

The south center of the area has a aggie sea-serpent (keyword serpent) which show on scan as a huge purple form, behind which is the quest part of the area with many psis, but not in large groups.

In the center of the area is a room called Southeast corner of the grove. Here is a lever disguised as a trout that can be seen with Detect Magic. Pushing it leads upwards to another room with a statue. Pushing its pinky will open the part further north to a highly aggie block with many psis and archers, related to the area backstory. Do not go there if you are small.

All three hidden doors (image south of the sea serpent, and the two branches towards the lotus pool) can be broken through with Bashdoor.


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