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In some years, though not all, Avatar MUD's immortals host area-building contests. These contests are not normally held more often than once per year because hosting them takes much time and effort.

Normally, these contests are open to all Avatar players. Also, normally, each entrant may submit only one area per contest. Each contest's guidelines usually require all submissions to be within a certain level range and, sometimes, within a certain geographical region of Avatar.

In each contest, each participant is normally given (1) a list of general guidelines and restrictions (such as area level range) specific to that contest, (2) an electronic copy of the most-recent edition of The Avatar MUD Builders' Guide (Player Version), (3) a specific range of "vnums" to use in building his/her entry's rooms and mobs and objects, (4) a program called ListArea that helps to troubleshoot area files for certain kinds of errors, and (5) a deadline to submit his/her entry. Contestants are usually prohibited from giving their submission's objects either any affects flags or any values for casting spells, though they may provide recommendations for these; immortals will add such flags and values if and when contest submissions become permanent parts of Avatar. All submissions become Avatar property and thus may be altered further by Avatar's staff without any notice to—or consultation with—their original authors.

Some time after this submission deadline has passed, all (functional) contest areas receieved will become accessible together from a temporary Hall of Judging (or other such area) located somewhere in the realm so that Avatar's staff and players may explore them. In weeks that follow, Avatar's staff will judge each of these areas and, eventually, announce a contest winner. This winner's area, along with selected other areas, will then be slated to become permanent additions to Avatar while those that do not "make the cut" will eventually disappear forever. Prizes are usually given to those who participate, to those whose submissions "make the cut," and/or to those who win. Prizes vary by contest and may (or may not) include gains in character levels or quest points.

Contest participants who demonstrate great interest and talent in building areas may (or may not), at some point, be invited to join Avatar MUD's builder team.

2004 Hero Area-Building Contest

This contest was held to develop new areas to replace New Thalos and the existing nearby coastal and oceanic regions. The theme was a tropical ocean, populated by a chain of single-area island similar to those found in Greek mythology (notably The Odyssey). Two overarching plot elements were featured heavily in most areas: pirates and Lord Audis, the man who controlled all trade within the island and coastline. The following are the accepted entries:

Name:                    Builder:       Level Range:   Map:      Judgment:
Derelict's Domain        by Mringasa    levels 51-51
The Dragon's Atoll       by S.Heart     levels 51-51   (Map)     runner-up
Dream Steppes            by Masamune    levels 51-51   (Map)     runner-up
Gorn's Anchor            by Neyne       levels 42-46   (Map)     runner-up
Greed's Gallows          by Yoyo        levels 51-51   (Map)     runner-up
Island of Helios         by [Z]         levels 51-51
Island of the Amazons    by XerXes      levels 51-51
Island of the Dragons    by Grizz       levels 51-51
Island of the Lost       by Meldur      levels 51-51   (Map)     runner-up
Isle of Lost Souls       by Draggie     levels 51-51
Isle of NaamBres'Shho    by Pico        levels 51-51   (Map)     winner
Isle of Shrewd           by MiNDeSTo    levels 51-51
Lizard Island            by Flinn       levels 51-51   (Map)     runner-up
Pyrrus Island            by Kenji       levels 51-51   (Map)     runner-up
Redtooth's Isle          by Imij        levels 51-51   (Map)     runner-up
Shinwa Island            by Doolen      levels 51-51
Siren's Rock             by Mekrith     levels 51-51
Tainted Isle             by Wiseman     levels 51-51   (Map)     runner-up
Verdant Isle             by Jaromil     levels 51-51   (Map)     runner-up

The accepted areas were added in 2005. In addition to receiving their prize for having their area displayed in the Hall of Judging, the winner was given the honor of naming the new ocean, which is now known as the Sea of Strayed Hopes. New Thalos, the coastal city of old, was replaced with Mervue when the contest areas were finally implimented.

2005 Lowmort Area-Building Contest

This contest involved creating areas with up to 25 rooms/mobs/objects each for levels 15-25. Each contestant was to choose an appropriate location in Midgaardia for his/her submission. Contestants were encouraged to build areas that were logical, creative, appropriate for level 15-25 characters, fun, and with a good storyline. Entries were as follows:

Name:                    Builder:       Level Range:   Map:      Judgment:
Ash Canyon               by Enda        levels 15-20
Borley School of Music   by Vivaea      levels 15-18
Catacombs of Solace      by Dani        levels 21-25   (Map)     runner-up
Centaur Hollow           by Yaxche      levels 20-20   (Map)     winner!!!
Crypt of the Damned      by Erion       levels 15-25
Cryptid Hollow           by Ibn         levels 20-25   (Map)     runner-up
Dungeons of Undrehand    by Towner      levels 15-25
Feeding Grounds          by Jaromil     levels 15-15
Of Dice and Men          by Neuf        levels 15-25  
Fangclaw Island          by Tevildo     levels 15-25
Garden of Perathia       by Shdwtop     levels 15-22
Hidden Spider Forest     by Anthem      levels 15-25
A House of Stone         by Pico        levels 43-45
Laboratory of Chalmus    by Waite       levels 20-25   (Map)     runner-up
Mirlion's Cottage        by Mirlion     levels 20-25
The Mon-Keigh            by Pros        levels 15-25
Moss Village             by Becky       levels 15-20   (Map)     runner-up
The Proving Grounds      by Elonan      levels 15-25
Qass Tomb                by S.Heart     levels 15-20   (Map)     runner-up
The S.S. Mutgar          by Timond      levels 10-15   (Map)     runner-up
Thrall Swamp             by KayeOss     levels 17-23   (Map)     runner-up
Tul-Sith's Hospice       by Kyandra     levels 17-22   (Map)     runner-up
The Walking Woods        by Neyne       levels 15-20   (Map)     runner-up
Westwood Outlook         by Quidt       levels 15-18   (Map)     runner-up

All winner and runner-up areas were added to Midgaardia in 2006 March, as was A House of Stone. Some area level ranges were changed at this time; this list above shows these areas' current level ranges.

2011 Hero Area-Building Contest

Eragora (multiple areas)

2018 Hero Area-Building Contest

Some notes from Pallidus:

Greetings Avatarians!

I'm hosting an area building contest starting May 1st.

-This is a chance to build something fun but there are no guarantees that the areas will be incorporated as permanent parts of the realm
-This contest will involve building standard Hero tier areas
-The area size will be small (25 room max) unless I see a solid plan
-There is no overarching theme for the areas
-I would encourage you to build something that would integrate with an existing area in the event your area does get selected to become permanent
-Any items in your area need to be vanilla. No stat bonuses, etc. If an area is added to the game, items will be revisited to determine their final stats

The following are the accepted entries:

Name:                    Builder:       Level Range:   Map:      Judgment:
Antharian Arena          by Ginta       levels 51-51
The Tesseract            by Xochitl     levels 51-51
Ruin Of The Arcanists    by Wiseman     levels 51-51
A Private Hell           by Morda       levels 51-51

These areas were added in early 2019. They were located off the lobby at Sanctum, 2e, u. In August/September of 2023 three areas were updated and moved to permanent homes and one area was removed (Antharian Arena).