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In the far north, beyond the Northern Frontier, lies a chain of particularly high mountains. Known to the northerners as the Ice Peaks, they run from west to east and are so forbidding and treacherous they have blocked any passage beyond for time immemorial.

Some believe that Storm Canyon provides a passage through this range, while others that the mysterious citadel of Alpha Thule holds the key. Neither of these theories have ever come to anything.

However, a way beyond the Ice Peaks does exist. A narrow pass known as Glyntaff climbs from the shore of the Lake of Tears, high into the mountain range and winds its way beyond. Few have ever returned from Glyntaff Pass, as the gnomish natives are apparently volatile, unpredictable and extremely xenophobic. The few travellers who have returned talk of warring clans and savage warriors bearing strange weapons. Travel is difficult at the best of times, and deadly at others.

The message is clear: Proceed with caution!

Important: This is a no-Angel CR area.

Exploration of this area is at the player's own risk and it is strongly recommended that you check your config to make sure that nomorgue is OFF. If you die in this area you may have significant trouble getting your corpse back. Morgue is your friend.

On the other hand, you may not have any trouble at all.

Level Range: 51-51

Builder: Izanagi

This area was added on 8th of September 2012.


Walking route from Aelmon: 19n, 3w, 5n, d, 3n, w, n, w, 3n, u, 2n, e, 3n, w, n, w, 12n, 5w, 8n, 2w, 2n.

Walking route from Big Fish: n, 5w,8n, 2w, 2n.

Portaling point(s) suggested: Selkie, then locate entrance to the north, west of Alpha Thule entrance.



The Pass through the Ice Peaks is the "main" of the area, a completely linear path that terminates on the other side of the mountains. However, it features many hidden entrances to the lands around it, primarily The Winding Maze of Trails - a semi-random set of trails that eventually leads to the settlement of Caerllong, and A Confusing Collection of Switchbacks - which leads to the settlement of Caercryf.


With the two settlements of gnomes being in a state of war, a series of quests are available to adventurers on either side.

In the Clan Gwenci quest, you first retrieve some letters, then kill Rhain for Wren. Wren gives you "Clan Gwenci Honourary Member", which appears to be available once at hero and carry a +5% melee insignia boost which fades after a few deaths. The alternative quest involves scouting Wren's house for Rhain and (last I looked) gives you an insignia which makes your death xp losses WORSE.

Otherwise, lot of non-gnomish wandering mobs are skinable.

Warning: Aside from the area being no-angel-CR, it cannot be teleported out of nor recalled to since it is entirely cursed. To exit one needs to walk out back onto the Lake of Tears. If you lose spells and are unable to cast (or racial) Fly, you may have difficulties exiting onto the water; prepare accordingly.


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