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A path that may cut some distance off the journey between the Meadow and Midgaard exists in the corner of the meadow of Nom. Some fear it, some laugh at it... you must decide.

Level Range: 4-5

Builder: Crom


Walking route from Nom: 4s, 5e.

Portaling point(s) suggested: goblin boulder.


This area is connected to the Meadow and Highways/Great Wall.


This area is linear, and serves as a connecting path between the Meadow and Highways/Great Wall.


This is primarily used as a connector area between the White Stone Road and Nom in the southeast part of the meadow. There are a few pieces of gear in this area disguised as branches and leaves but none of it is particularly useful. All the mobs in the path are goblins even though they might not look it. Not really anything of interest here, and not suitable for anything other than a quick few hundred xp for real small characters. There are much better places to fight in the surrounding areas.


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