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Once this huge cavern was home to a city of drow, but after ten years of warfare, the duergar defeated the drow and took it from them. Now, remodelled, redesigned and rebuilt, Graw Akkuurattaan - as it is known by the duergar, is home to the bulk of the duergar armies. A fortress city under total control of the military, the power of King Domi is clearly on the rise.

Level Range: 18-23

Builder: Izanagi

This area was added in 2010 Nov.


Walking route from Sol: ???.

Walking route from Aelmon: ???.

Portaling point(s) suggested: Duergar Caravan Master.




Warning: Due to the military affairs still ongoing in Graw, visiting this city with a Drow character (of any tier) will likely mean a quick blackjacking and a trip to the slave pens. The slave pens are cursed so escaping without teleport may require outside help. Otherwise, a failed sneaking attempt may easily result in another blackjacking by the guards and again chilling in the slave pens for a few minutes.


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