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Far below the surface of Midgaardia dwell many races, some of which prefer to live their entire lives without seeing the open sky or the light of the sun. These races have long used a sprawling system of tunnels and caves to move around from one place to another, without ever setting foot above ground. One section of these caves are known as the Deepways.

Level Range: 51-51

Builder: Izanagi

This area was added in February 2011.


Walking route from Aelmon: 13e, n, 2e, 2s, 3w, n.

Portaling point(s) suggested: Leper: 2w, or Voli: 3w or Stone Trickster: w u 2s w d, or Dirty Troll: e 3n



This place is an area connector, like Valley Of The Sun and North Of Ofcol. Of the many exits, some are recognizable by the monoliths standing by them.

In the lower part of this area, all rooms are cursed. If you wish to recall out of the area, find a place where you can go up, or walk into the connecting areas (some of those are cursed too so I recommend walking up).

This area is made up of a series of interconnected tunnels and caves, which tend to start from the edges of the map at higher elevations and work their way towards the centre of the map and deeper down.

  • A steep chasm on the far west of the area leads from the Fortress of Kra down to the Crystal Cavern, and a neatly carved passage connects on Graw Akkuurattaan and to bottom of the Steps of Durr.
  • A played out series of mine shafts connects the top of the Steps of Durr and River Tunnels.
  • A forest of fungus runs from the bottom of the Steps of Durr in a south-easterly direction to The Hall of the Mountain King, and the entrance to Fungal Forest proper can be found here.
  • A long-dry underground river runs from below the Hall of the Mountain King to the Rivers of Avatar near an entrance to Flipside Altar, via the Pyramid Cave, and is essentially the furthest south the area extends. The Hall of the Mountain King also connects to the Ruins of Reveria above.
  • A subterranean canyon connects the Grand Sinkhole, which forms the entrance from Great Divide, the Well of Lost Dreams and the Painted Cave in the the north-west with Fallen Angel Cave.
  • A wide glacial, tunnel runs from Fallen Angel Cave east and north the Iceways, close to the entrance to Icewolf and can be considered the most northern limit of the area.
  • A sharply sloping passage runs north-east from the Amphitheatre but ends in a dead end.
  • A twisting lava tube runs for some distance east of the Amphitheatre via the Cavern of Seven Echoes before twisting south to reach the Cloisters, Earthheart Grotto and the Spider's Stair.
  • A fault in the earth joins the Cavern of Seven Echoes with Cavern of the Fates in the Wildwood.
  • A limestone gallery connects the Spider's Stair with Shadow Forest and via the Cerulean Pool forms a dead end in the south east of the area.
  • A labyrinth of catacombs connects all of the central and deepest part of the area, in a rough circle, including touching on the Hall of the Mountain King, Pyramid Cave, Fallen Angel Cave, the Amphitheatre and the entrance to Veil of Ecstasy.

If a person is sufficiently alert they can find a comfortable hidey hole that is a nice infirmary in this area with a stream that will invigorate when quaffed.

On rare occasions one one may find a temple north of the Fallen Angel Cave.


Note: This area was changed in July 2012 to be run in groups of size <= 3. Anything above that will drastically reduce xp gained.

The mobs in this area are generally of levels 65 and up. Each time a mob is killed, it will spawn a larger version of itself somewhere in the area (up to a maximum, of course). If you are the only group/person in the area, you should expect xp and difficulty to gradually increase towards the end of the run.

If you are not the only group/person in the area, please be considerate in choosing which mobs to kill. Someone else might have been trying to spawn that mob you're about to kill.

The area has a huge variety of the mobs - almost a hundred unique mobs, and many of them carry special rewards, can be skinned for quest tickets, or give gems and large amounts of gold. See the Mobs in Deepways section for a breakdown of mob chains and rewards.

Watch out for the Adventurer mobs ("Party of Adventurers" for example) as they can cast inconvenient spells such as Earthbind (removes fly), Dispel Magic (can remove half your current spells), and Deception (can cause you to remove and possibly drop equipment).

Beware: there is at least one corpse-eater, and several mobs scavenge corpses and items off the ground.

The area also connects to Fungal Forest where you'll see a myconoid meditating (Psilocybin). The room is full safe.

Depending on where you choose to start running this area - essentially your selection of which portal point to use - you will generally fight your way along one of the tunnels towards the labyrinth of catacombs and from there branch out to clear the tunnels which connect out from the middle. Depending on the size of the group and the tunnels you choose, it can make a good run to skip briefly into some of the other connecting areas such as Great Divide, Fungal Forest or Cavern of the Fates, and then to return back into Deepways for a continued run.


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