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Long ago, before humans reckoned time as they now do, there was a terrible war between the trolls and dwarves. From the dwarves emerged a powerful leader, Kra, gifted with the healing touch. Kra was also a ruthless military leader who used whatever means necessary to vanquish her enemies. The Dwarf-Troll war lasted for years with both sides taking heavy casualties but neither willing to give in. In the year 478 of the Fae calendar, a terrible battle took place at the foot of Mt. Durr. It is said that the fighting was so intense that a river of blood carved deep canyons in the desert lands. Kra, along with most of the dwarves and trolls were killed during the battle. Both sides lacked the resources to continue the war, which marked the end of the Dwarf-Troll war.

After the battle, many of the dwarves settled north of Mt. Durr and built a temple to their fallen leader. Unfortunately, the story does not end there. The followers of Kra were divided with some worshiping her for her healing powers while others for her military might. As time passed, the two factions began to argue more and small battles broke out.

During the second war of the Giants and Ents the sky thundered and the ground rocked and much was destroyed. The devastation split the temple into two parts and cast them east and west. Only the altar, the heart of Kra's power, remained untouched as violent upheavals cracked the earth.

As the earth slowly stilled and the destruction ceased, the dwarves regrouped. The followers of Kra's dark path took up residence in the western half of the temple while the Light followers of Kra resided in the eastern half. Since then they have waged constant war, each trying to destroy the other in their quest for Kra's power.

Level Range: 51-51

Builder: Yevaud


Walking route from Aelmon: 14n, 8w, 3n, 9w, n, 2u, 2w, u, 2n, 3w, 2n, w, 2n, 2e, [n].

Walking route from Old Mystic: s, 2e, n.

Portaling point(s) suggested: Wartha (warning: aggressive).



The beginning part (from Wartha) is a mazeish block of passageways all generally leading north towards the area proper. Once clear of the cliffs there is a 'Forsaken Trail' block, similar in navigation to the 'Desert Canyons'. To the east is the Light Temple and to the west is the Dark Temple. Light Temple has a secret passage from its second floor exiting near the dark temple, west of the 'Altar of Kra' (safe room). This secret tunnel also connects to the Deepways.


PP Wartha and head west. Lots of aggies, can be swarmy at times. Decent exp.

The initial area (west from Wartha) contains some bandits (can stab, carry poisoned weapons) and dervishes (non-aggie). There are also a couple of sentinel living rocks.

Heading 3w, n, e, all north from Wartha will take you to the Forsaken Trail. This leads you to the main area. The area is divided (hence the area name) into two temples, the light (east) and the dark (west). The mobs here are clerists, paladins, warriors (all are dwarves), sandmen and various beasts like the Insatiable One, the Abysmal One and so on. The clerists and sandmen are not aggies, most of the rest are. Most of the dwarves are armored and many wield.

There is a down exit in the room called "Deep in the earth" which leads to Deepways (near the Faceless One).

Watch out for the Insatiable One, a corpse eating mob in this area.

There are only three non-cursed rooms in this area: 'Opening in the cliffs' (wartha) and 'Shattered wall' (1s of the forgemaster), and 'The one with the Abyss', which has no exits and is only good to leave the area.

The 'Altar of Kra' room is anti-magic but safe.


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