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Long ago, during the tumultuous times of warfare, the area near the town of Solace was a wild and dangerous place. Due to the large number of adventurers in the area, a combat school teaching the skills of weapons and hand-to-hand combat as well as offensive spellcasting was formed. As the area became more civilized and peaceful, fewer sought an education in the arts of combat. The school eventually closed and ancient vallenwoods that housed the school grew untended. Many years later a dirty battleworn goblin appeared, bedecked in mismatched armor, riding astride a mangy goat. The goblin proudly proclaimed himself the 'Great Grunka' and announced his plans to re-open the ancient combat school and teach the ways of goblin combat. While many laughed at the time, the school prospers as goblins from across the realm come to learn from Grunka himself.

Level Range: 7-11

Builder: Yevaud


Walking route from Sol: 3e, 13s, w, n.

Walking route from Aelmon: 17w, s, 5w, 3n, 3w, 12s, w, n.

Portaling point(s) suggested: Grunka.


This area is connected to Crystalmir Lake.


This area is shaped like a square. The bottom floor is where the Great Grunka can be found, while the top floor features four of the tougher goblin students that hold gear. The two floors are connected by exits at the corners of the square. Many mobs wander both floors that are good for exp. See the map for more details.


Grunka's is one of the more commonly run areas for its level range. It's an excellent place to level due to both the high experience per mob and the alignment of most mobs being evil (a rarity for areas this low). Generally, once a new alt outgrows the Mob Factory, this is their next stop. The only problem with this area is that everyone knows how good the exp is, so it is often times crowded and overrun. An alternative to this area for about the same level range could be The Weeping.

The only real dangerous mobs in the area are Grunka (he's sanced and his pupils have the annoying tendency to assist) who has the goblin boots of fleeing (+mvs) and the goblins in the trees with the wields. The goblin mages will cast, but their spells tend to do little damage. The serving kobolds will steal gold, and sometimes the goblins will assist.


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