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Buried deep within the graveyard of Reveria, the necropolis is the final resting place of all of the High Drows who thought it their place to rise up against the now-goddess Veyah L'Aturii. All were slain, their misery and suffering staining the walls; some say they still walk these very halls, the undead waiting to lay claim to the body of their betrayer. Lately there have been rumors, whispers of the driders coming from afar to seek revenge for their Mistress Lloth's lost throne. And in the hidden room, far from the danger but never the hearts of her betrayed, a piece of Veyah waits for the world to turn again...

Level Range: 51-51

Builder: Zahri

This area was added in 2006 Nov.


Walking route from Aelmon: 14n, 8w, n, e, 4d, s, d, w, 2d, e, d, e, d, w, d, 2s, d, s, 2e, u, 4s, u, 3w, n, d, [d].

Walking route from Mourning Drow: w, [w], w, n, d, [d].

Portaling point(s) suggested: None.


This area is connected to the Graves Of Reveria (map) by an exit upward in the northeastmost corner of the area.


The area's layout is pretty simple.. The top layer, where you enter in the northeast corner, is basically a large 7x7 square ring, with a few small branches. The important branches are downward in the southeastern and southwestern area, since these lead to the bottom layer of the area: a 3x3 square with in the center the Before The Altar Of Veyah room - an important quest location.

All rooms are cursed, and there is one that is anti-magic - the very southeastmost room of the top layer, containing three Small Blue-Ice Fires, also important for the Smoldering Crown Of Dying Fire Quest.

In the southern east-west passage, there's a branch with a single room (A Small Southern Room Off The Main Path). No mobs wander in there, so it's safe to sleep there. Also, the first room in the area (the one you land up following directions above) is full safe.


Nice xp, can bring up to 6 people groups here. All of the mobs are big and many of them wield. The mothers/fathers/children/crone don't aggie, all of the guards/driders/betrayers do. The children are wimpy. Pretty much everything that aggies, sees hidden/invis as well. Scan/kill, move slowly and try to pick off the aggie mobs in the room first.

Most of the mobs wander a couple of the mobs also drift. The area does not tend to be too swarmy, since there are usually only 2 exits to each room.

There is one invis stabber here (skilled assassin) which pops near the entrance of the area, though it wanders. A couple of mobs spawn non-invis spies on killing them, which also stab. These mobs are the ancient crone and one high drow child (scan desciption says that it's overcome with emotion).

The down part of the area has mostly stationary mobs which are a bit bigger than the rest of the area. They also cast spells (mindbender and sorcerer spells), so you may skip this portion if you deem it too risky. The ring of ice-blue fire (aggie) carries sulfurous ashes and the commander carries consecrated ashes.


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