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Somewhere in the flux between the Elemental Planes is a vast stretch of empty space. The void has many strange and unusual properties that leak out to planes of substance.

In the vast stretches of this plane, there exists a cult of nihilist fanatics whose existence lies in the destruction of everything which isn't nothing.

Builder: Pliny


To find the entrance to the Nowhere plane, shift to any elemental plane and find the Lloydable room.

Enter the nexus there and you will be in Nothing.


Connects to each elemental plane, but once you enter and start wandering around there's no way to find the nexuses out (other than aimless wandering).


Don't try to make a map of Nothing because you can't.


All of the mobiles here cast detonate spells, but they aren't too high of a level to worry about it.

elder cultists - widow tear gemstone

senior cultists - fireheart gemstone

disiple - diamond

devotee - ruby

Every room on this plane is Lloydable. That means that you can set recall to any room, set up a campfire and sleep sweet dreams. Watch out for some rooms which you can't regenerate in. If a group member dies here, have a psi cast planar anchor and have them shift to the anchor. Otherwise, they will have to have their corpse eulogied/threnodied/led back from shift.


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