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A half-orc river pilot beckons you onto his raft and departs, taking you north from Moonbay village. He whistles as he poles the raft in a steady rhythm, but pauses here and there to give some unasked for advice.

 "River Etuan is quite safe, no need to worry. You just need to watch
 where you step. Stay out of the reeds, mind you. And don't jump in,
 or you might not come back up. Be careful with your fishing. Some
 of them fish bite back. And try not to pick too many fights, as the
 docks make for harder folk than you might be used to. But like I
 said, the Etuan is as safe as a mother's embrace. You just need to
 treat her right."

The mighty River Etuan carves a path across the continent of Eragora, from the northern highlands it grows from many tributaries swelling in size until it flows out into the sea. A popular method of travel into the heart of the continent, a vital trade route and popular with the local fisherfolk it is considered by the indigenous peoples to be more or less safe.

Level Range: 51-51

Builder: Ginta (added Oct 2013)


Portaling point(s) suggested: Dirk Chivers, Hiram Chivers



Starting from the river's delta that connects directly to Moonbay Village in two places, the river is entirely straightforward for a long way. First branch connects to Eragora Walkways, just south of the Arx Nivea crossing. Arx Nivea technically splits the area into two, with one room in the middle connecting north and south river parts. Following the river northward it forks; the eastern path (Black River) leads to Healing Springs connection, and further onto the Black Lake, which has miniscule offshoots called Enja Gorge (north) and Moonkiss River (east). The other fork leads westward towards the second half-orc village (to be implemented yet) and further, branching again into two miniscule parts - Red River heading west and White River heading north, behind the Glacial Waterfall.

A secret door can be found west of the waterfall, with a path to the Widow's Peak, where Faceless Statue Quest can be initiated.

Two safe rooms exist with portable mobs; Dirk Chivers is at northern raft pier, while Hiram Chivers is at Moonbay's pier.


Vast majority of the river is uncursed, scarcely filled with roaming aggie and nonaggie fish and other water creatures, that can all be hunted for modest XP. Several rooms allow for rest and respell (the riverboats that can be entered when you see them - just enter them, and exit anywhere to return to the same room), as well as "hidden" rooms within the reeds, but those are water-based rooms and not really suitable for prolonged sleep (without a boat in inventory).

Note: Area (currently) does not have a local cloud. Players will respawn on the Eragora Walkways cloud instead.


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