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To the north of the kobold town of Wayside is a large, rich apple orchard owned by a man named Owen. Rumor says that the reason there are so many kobolds selling apples in Wayside is because they pilfer them from Owen's Orchard.

Level Range: 3-5

Builder: Xeon


Walking route from Nom: 9n, [n], w, n.

Portaling point(s) suggested: Simba (note: wanders).


This area is connected to Wayside and Highways/Great Wall.


A fairly uniform area, with paths between rows of trees. There's a treehouse you can set your recall location to and look cool. See the map for details.


Another relatively simplistic lowbie area, it can be reached by going straight north from Nom (opening the hidden gate in Wayside) and west. The mobs in this area seem to be a bit easier than the mobs in Wayside, but it is hard to tell at low levels. They don't seem to hurt alignment, either.

The gardener has the wooden pipe, which is low level wisdom gear for the head slot. Otherwise, there is not much of note in this area. If you go far enough north, you will end up on the White Stone Road that runs north of Sol.


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