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The Kobold town of Wayside is a small row of ramshackle dwellings just over the hill to the north of The Meadow, and serves as home to the many failures who can't quite seem to successfully graduate MUDschool. Wayside caters to the needs of the average adventurer, and the kobolds will be more than happy to sell you everything from stolen apples to leaky waterskins. If you are in town and after a little quality merchandise, the General Store run by Liam the gnome is supposedly the best deal in town. The free apple cider in Wayside's Fat Badger Inn is rumored to pack quite a wallop.

Level Range: 2-5

Builder: Dev


Walking route from Nom: 4n.

Portaling point(s) suggested: Liam.


This area connects to the Underway Tunnels (eastish and through the garden) and the Village Orchard (all north from entrance until you come to the hidden gate north).



One of the few evil-aligned newbie areas. A fun little area, not as bland or homogenous as the meadow. Definitely worth exploring if you've never checked it out before.

There are two aggy characters in the area: the carnivorous squirrel in the tree of death ("Uh oh! This squirrel has big pointy teeth" on scan) and Ugly-Beard in the hidden room north of the Mudschool Dropout Tent. If you are a smallish character, it's probably best to avoid both these or stack kill commands in them. Uglybeard has a vial of briny seawater which is a low-level cure light and protection evil potion.

As far as other gear goes, Burt the Village Idiot has the Village Idiot's paper crown, which is wisdom head gear. Cousin Lakkee has the Very Ugly Amulet, which is intelligence neck gear.

There is also the potential to get a little money in this area. Seek out the chest where Cousin Lakkee is, and help Liam with his quest.

Most of the mobs in the area will assist, so be wary of big rooms of kobolds if you are low on hp. Liam (fat little gnome on scan) is nofight, but the room isn't cursed so you can always flee and recall if in trouble.


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