Elomecla's Gardening Gloves

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Modifies mana by 250 continuous.
Modifies hp by 150 continuous.
Modifies wisdom by 5 continuous.
Modifies intelligence by 5 continuous.
Modifies save vs magic by -25 continuous.

New manifest item introduced 08/03/08 in dedication of Elomecla.
Slot: hands
Weight: 1
Flags: magic, bless, good
Keywords: elomecla gardening gloves lordgear

How to get:

1. Get Dusty Gardening Gloves. NOTE: This is a low mortal item!

2. Embed the following HERO perfect gems into it: 2 diamonds, 2 sapphires, 1 ruby

3. Manifest the item: c manifest gloves "Elomecla's gardening gloves"