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<used as light> Soulfire (SHARD -180) or Guiding Light Of Ronan(-50), Starshard(-50)
2x <worn on finger> Ring of the white flame(-25), Misshapen Ring(-15)
2x <worn around neck> Mantle Of Honor(-75)
<worn on body> Garb Of The Moon Priestess(-50)
<worn on head> Jeweled Crown Of The Patriarchy(-50), Well-Polished Helm(-50), Silvery Helm(-10)
<worn on legs> Gator-Scaled Breeches(hero gear)(-15), Essence Of Shadows(-5)
<worn on feet> Slagwalkers(lvl40 lowmort gear)(-50)
<worn on hands> Elomecla's Gardening Gloves(-25)
<worn on arms> Billowing Sleeves Of Vapor(-75)
<held in offhand> Shield Of Shadows(-95ac -100svs +200hp), Obsidian Shield (-35ac -50svs)
<worn about body> Dark But See Through Cloak(-22) or Bloody Robe Mantellus Sanquine(-50)
<worn about waist> Blazing Balteus (-10)
2x <worn on wrist> Black, Blue, Green, Red, or White Dragonscale Vambrace(-5)
<wielded> Ethereal Blade(-50), Lightning Crossbow(-30)
<held> Treaty Of Purity Of Faith (-40)