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In one corner of the ruins of the High Drow city of old, there lies a graveyard used by the richest and most renowned ancient lines. Many modern drow visit there from time to time to re-establish their link to their ancestors; to a lost time when Magic yet walked the world, when the night was still a thing of innocent beauty. Other modern drow see the cemetery quite differently. They view it as symbolic of the inevitable death of their race and of all things Sylvan. This extinction cult goes there for one reason; to join with Eternity. The cemetery also draws the non-drow, those who seek the secrets the graves themselves hold. Rumors of a betrayal and murder have spread from those who are lucky enough to escape the walls of this place.

Level Range: 51-51

Builder: Zahri


Walking route from Aelmon: 14n, 8w, n, e, 4d, s, d, w, 2d, e, d, e, d, w, d, 2s, d, s, 2e, u, 3s.

Portaling point(s) suggested: mourning drow.



There are two parts to the area - the graves proper and the mausoleum:

  • The top layer is the graves proper, uncursed only in the four introductory rooms. Pull the grate at the northwest corner (see map) to open the mausoleum gates s, 2e from the grate. Push the statue 3e from the grate first to ensure the door doesn't slam shut.
  • Inside the mausoleum are two small layers (3x3 and 2x3), with harder mobs and no way out in case you forgot to push both statue and pull lever, aside from teleport/portal.


First and foremost, for those unversed in the Eragora-style local cloud and auto-CR mechanisms -- dying to any mob here will transport the player not to the Cloud (as with all other areas), but to a local cloud deep within the Mausoleum. This is a safe room, as well as an infirmary, so you can heal and respell here. The corpse is transported to the same room - the auto-CR part of the deal, making it easy to recover your belongings if you were soloing above.

Once inside the mausoleum you will need to portal or teleport out. The grate in the north-west corner of the graves that opens the door does not exist in the mausoleum - so if you get stuck with a teleport-disabled character, get another character inside and make a portal or simply pull the grate, and rush out on the original alt.

In order to ensure the mausoleum door stays open after entry you need to push the statue 3e from the grate (room called Before a statue) and then pull grate in the northwest corner of the cemetery. If done correctly an apparition will appear and bother the player, but you'll be able to enter and exit the mausoleum unhindered, at least until the area repops.

Otherwise, this area is good xp and offers some relevant loot, but due to large amounts of aggie mobs (that see through hidden and invisible) be sure not to lead squishy groupies - they will likely be aggied often. Also, once done here, feel free to proceed into Necropolis as a natural extension of this area.

The guards here will toss all drow and high-elves.

Paladins - your hero 500 quest will require entrance to the mausoleum (see above), and the tomb you are likely to be interested in is in the lower layer, 2w from the local cloud.


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